London Olympics 2012: Women's Boxing Quarter-Finals As They Happened

Tasha Jonas fought brilliantly in defeat against the fearsome Irish fighter Katie Taylor and Nicola Adams is through to the semi-finals. Here's how it went down...


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There is often talk of dark conspiracies concerning boxing. Let me tell you something now, Jonas v Taylor was as good as any event at this amazing Olympics. Two great athletes giving their all in front of a crowd going bananas. This deserves a wider audience. This has to be numero uno on the BBC highlights and heavily featured on the news. They need to get Natasha in the studio for an interview. and pay full tribute to the genius of Katie Taylor. Anything less, and I will start to believe all the talk about about the BBC being deliberately anti boxing and working against the promotion of the sport. In Natasha Jonas, we have  someone who is a true role model for young girls taking part in a sport that is accesible to all.  If her finest hour plays second fiddle to some posh twats pissing about on a horse it will be a scandal. If the public service broadcasters don''t do their duty, make sure you tell her how great she is on Twitter @TashaJonas

16:48 18-8 Final.

16:47 Ogoke gets a warm ovation after another game effort. In truth she was outclassed. I fancy the winner of Torlopova v Li will be the gold medalist.

16:45 The #2 seed can't believe her luckas she strolls to a medal.

16:44 14-6 to Russia and that is being kind to Ogoke in my view.

16:42 The right hand the key again as Ogoke is knocked down.

16:41 10-4 to the Russian- to the amazement of the commentators yet totally in tune with what I saw. Ogoke is getting her ears boxed off.

16:40 Torlopova having joy with the right hand lead against the stocky southpaw.

16:37 Torlopova stands off Ogoke and boxes her with an expression that says "Are you shitting me?". 3-3 after one.

16:34 Ogoke beams and milks the reception. Torlopova is stern.

16:33 We close this session with Edith OGOKE (Nigeria) versus Nadezda TORLOPOVA (Russia).  Ogoke finished her training camp in Bradford and has the wind milling style of a drunk in a kebab shop. She upset the odds against a classy Azeri yesterday but Tolopova should be too cute to get pulled down to her level.

16:32 Li wins 17-14. This is the lass to beat at MW in my opinion.

16:31 Warning or not- that must be Li's fight

16:30 Li repells the advancing Canadian- the crowd cheer them on. Another cracker

16:29 A public warning for Li means it's all square

16:27 10-8 to Li after three. Some Sinophobia on show here as Li is bossing this fight in my view and deserves more daylight.

16:24 Li finding Spencer with shots straight down the pipe. The mug element in the crowd jeer the 7-5 score. Li took over and, like yesterday, looks as good as anyone we've seen.

16:20 Spencer 3-2 up courtesy of a standing count in the closing seconds. The Canadian chased Li across the ring in a scene reminiscent of an Abbot and Costello film

16:17 Mary SPENCER (Canada) versus  Jinzi LI (China) Despite a few bra malfunctions, Li was the pick of the Middleweights yesterday. Spencer is a former world champ. With Marshall out of the way, these two will both be thinking of gold.

16:14 18-14 Fine comeback win by the American youngster. If she pulls that shit against Volnova next time, I fancy she'll find a tough old bird more than willing to trade.

16:13 Shields threw the kitchen sink at it in the final round and believes she has done enough.

16:12 A left hook lands and Laurell is given a standing count.

16:10 Shields is throwing bombs but is hitting thin air most of the time. Far more measured from Laurell. The judges see it 12-12

16:07 Some success late on closes the deficit to 7-6. For me, she looks to have all the tools but is short of ideas at times.

16:05 Laurell is like Dong with attitude- circling and picking off the eager American

16:04 The judges are watching the same fight as me and not the Shields fan club on commentary. 4-2 Sweden

16:00 We roll on with Anna LAURELL (Sweden ) versus Claressa SHIELDS (USA) Ivan Drago versus seventeen year old American. Shields has the Oprah fodder life story (dad was in the nick, overcoming prejudice etc). Laurell had the tools to win, but has flaws- particularly her tendency to drop her lead hand.

15:58 16-12 to Volnova. Savannah Marshall out. Disappointing to hear boos for the winner. She did a Chelsea- stifling the skillful champion and playing to her strengths. Fair play.

15:57 Hard to call. The old soldier made it her kind of fight and was canny enough to avoid a warning

15:56 Volnova's head is rocked back as Marshall piles it on. Volnova wants to clinch all day

15:54 Volnova 10-8 up. Boos in the arena. Marshall looked to have scored with some long right hands yet the judges are favouring the Kazakh.

15:52 Volnova content to close the distance and spoil.

15:50 7-7. Marshall needs to clean this up.

15:48 Marshall using the jab to good effect. Needs to avoid getting dragged into a brawl.

15:47 Groans as a 4-4 tie shows. Volnova is giving as good as she gets.

15:45 Volnova is tough as old boots. Marshall needs to keep moving and use her superior speed

15:44 Two great fighting nations clash. Kazakhstan are the Spain of ammy boxing and Hartlepool used to raise the roof for Michael Hunter.

15:43 Savannah MARSHALL (Hartlepool) Marina VOLNOVA (Kazakhstan) Volnova is a big unit who likes to stand and trade. Marshall’s superior movement should see her through, but this is not going to be easy.

15:42 It's Middleweight time  (75kg 165 lbs or 11 stone 11 pounds) and Team GB time

15:40 I'm sure i wasn't the only one who started anticpating the Savannah Marshall bout as Sofya strolled through the fianl round. It's all about levels and the Russian was on another planet. 22-4

15:36 This is a perfect warm up for Sofya. Pritchard on the front foot is like a high tech punch bag. 16-3 to the Russian and it's only going to get worse for the Kiwi.

15:34 8-2 for the Russian and you get the feeling she could up the pace and get her out of there but is content to blow off the rust.

15:32 Couldn't we have fixed the draw to give Jonas Pritchard in this round to set up a fight with Taylor down the line when interest had grown.

15:31 Whenever Sofya steps in, I'm ready to shout timber. 4-1 after a controlled start.

15:27 I didn't rate Pritchard yesterday whereas Sofya is a season star. I predict a one sided beatdown.

15:26 Alexis PRITCHARD (New Zealand) versus Sofya OCHIGAVA (Russia) Conqueror of Jonas in the semi of the world’s on to a final against Taylor at the worlds, the Russian should make short work of the Kiwi.

15:25 16-12 to Araujo. She showed us she's more than just a slugger with a nifty change in tactics late on to defend her advantage.

15:24 Araujo thinks it's in the bag and dances for the final minute

15:23 Oubtil came out shooting and landed some good work but the more disciplined Araujo weathered the storm and fired back.

15:20 Araujo proving that there's no substitute for a tight guard. Oubtil is throwing more shots yet she is unable to trouble the sturdy Brazilian. 10-8 Araujo.

15:17 Oubtil has an unconvincing boxercise style while Araujo is all business. 7-4 to Brazil with no danger in sight.

15:12 All Araujo wants to do is stand and raid.  Finding the Moroccan much easier to hit than her last opponent as she clocks up a 4-2 lead.

15:10 Mahjouba OUBTIL (Morocco)   v Adriana ARAUJO (Brazil) Araujo marched down the more talented Khassenova in the round of sixteen and clubbed her good. Oubtil is light on her feet, but her square on stance will leave her open.

15:08 13-8. My favourite Tajik of all time progresses. Can't wait for her movie of the week.

15:08 Mavzuna gets her wish as Dong gets a little more adventurous. The Tajik is a terror close in and her clash with Taylor promises to be another ExCel thriller

15:03 More action but things getting a little messy. 8-6 Mavzuna. Dong is going to have to do something other than hide behind the jab.

15:00 4-3 Mavzuna. The Tajik won the crowd over by calling Dong on.

14:59 Another knockdown ignored- the running theme of 2012

14;57 2-2. Mavzuna not letting a seven inch height disadvantage keep her down.

14:55 Get ready. Mavzuna is about to blow away all sterotypes of Muslim women.

14:54 14:45 Cheng DONG (China) versus Mavzuna CHORIEVA (Tajikistan) Long Dong will attempt to use her massive reach advantage and may well bore her way to another win but Mavzuna is the story of the games. To impress her boxing mad dad, she cut her hair short, dressed as a boy and travelled the wastelands of Tajikistan to fight in men’s competitions. The 19 year old’s father died a few months ago and she writes poems to his memory every night. That’s a hard life Pendleton.

14:52 I think the judges were kind to Taylor early, forcing Jonas to fight in a way she doesn't usually. 26-15 final score. This is a landmark in boxing history in this country. If the BBC show knobs pissing about on bikes and in boats they deserve slow painful death.

14:49 Another standing count for Jonas.

14:48 The crowd rise to two supreme athletes as Jonas throws down

14:47 Now 19-11. Tasha needs a miracle but she has done herself proud.

14:45 Standing count for Jonas as she comes under pressure.

14;43 10-7 to Taylor after 2. Pure heroism from Jonas.

14;43 If the BBC don't put this at the top of their round up shoe tonight- we should march to Salford and burn it down.

14:41 Tasha coming forward more than usual. Pushing the pace as the crowd roar her on

14:40 Tasha held centre ring- as Taylor circled and nipped in to clip her. 5-2 Taylor. Punches in bunches the key.

4:38 The Irish sing, the British chant. After a minute of feeling out, Katie lets a 4 punch combo go.

14:38 Pandemonium- this is going off bigtime.

14:36 Goosebumps time. Taylor looks calm as the ExCel fans  goes nuts like baboons who have had blue Smarties injected into their eyeballs.

14:30 Katie TAYLOR (Ireland) versus Natasha JONAS (Liverpool) The tie of the round. The tie of the tournament. The Scouse sweetheart against the Greatest of All Time. Jonas dealt with Queen Underwood yesterday and looks in the form of her life.

14;34 Nicola laps up the applause and we are ready for the Lightweights- starting with the Frost/Nixon of Olympic boxing

14:34 16-7 to the new gold medal favourite Nicola Adams.

14:33 A fantastic bout only spoiled by a shit head commentator saying that the Ingle gym is in Leeds.

14:31 Nicola looking like a good thing here. Pouring it on when there's an opening but not getting carried away.

14:29 Nicola has found her range and is really putting together some nice work. Good variety with some spite behind the shots. 11-5 after three.

14:27 Petrova looked great yesterday, but Adams has not let her get going today. All good so far.

14:26 5-3 GB. Adams looking more relaxed.

14:25 Adams scoring with bodyshots- which obviously never really get scored by the AIBA judges

14:22 Adams looking ace against a solid southpaw. Only 2-1 up though after one.

14:19 The organisers play a shit Robbie Williams song in an attempt to dampen the atmosphere. Adams looks cool as hell in a black skull cap.

14:18 Stoyka PETROVA (Bulgaria) v Nicola ADAMS (Leeds, Leeds, Leeds). World silver medallist Adams boxes for the Haringey Police Community Boxing Club. Even though we’re all expecting the Yorkshire lass to progress, Petrova was rock solid yesterday and has a chance of catching the Brit cold. The Bulgarian is trading around 12/1 in gold medal markets and could be worth a punt for unpatriotic types.

14:17 15-6 Mary Kom. Now it's Nicola Adams time

14:16 Mary Kom grins on her way back to the corner. A medal in the bag and a possible fight with the home hero.

14:13 Beautiful work from Mary Kom. Conserving energy but picking off her opponent with the counter right. 11-4.

14:11 5-3 Mary Kom, but she seems to be struggling compared to her normal easy flow. Punching uphill can get old fast.

14:07 2-1 to  a sluggish Kom. Maybe the legend is feeling the after effects of yesterday's efforts.

14:05 The Mary Kom chants ring out already. Great that she is getting the recognition she deserves.

14:03 Having a role model and sporting icon like Mary Kom coming out to the warbling of patron saint of sluttery Rhianna seems wrong

14:02 Maroua RAHALI (Tunisia) versus Chungneijang Mery Kom HMANGTE (India) Mary Kom was the star of day one. The veteran’s fast hands and nifty footwork were too much for her Polish opponent. Every time Mary fights here, she will be up against someone bigger and usually younger, but expect experience and the wave of love from the crowd to see her through to the next round. 14:15

14:00 Great effort from the Venezuelan, but the American was just too quick and too smart to get into a full on fire fight. 24-16

13:58 Esparza now getting her laces tied after a few hairstyle problems. She really is high maintenance.

13:56 Magliocco starting to look a little ragged as she tries to catch up with the American. 19-12 USA.

13:52 Esparza's Tigger like stylings are keeping her out of Magliocco's range. Speed> Power all day. 14-8 USA.

13:50 Esparza bouncy, yapping like a Jack Russell whenever she throws and builds up an 8-4 lead. Magliocco showed yesterday she's a tough cookie and she still carries a threat here.

13:45 Karlha MAGLIOCCO  (Venezuela ) versus Marlen ESPARZA  (USA). If you want to know more about Esparza, seek out the massive feature about her in The Atlantic. She plans to quit the sport after London to  study to be an anesthesiologist. The scrappy Magliocco will come forward and look to put her to sleep.

13:42 Ren showboating late on. Made it look pretty easy against a top class opponent going for the win. If you backed her for gold at 15/8 this morning, you're probably feeling smug. 12-7 winner and through to the semis

13:38 Savelyeva asserted herself and roughed Ren up a little, yet the world champ extends her lead to 9-6. Can't see any way back for the Russian now.

13:35 6-4 after two. Savelyeva landed some good shots but was bamboozled by speed late on.

13:33 Ren up 2-1 after a cagey first round. The commentators cheerleading for her after talking her up pre fight. Savelyeva looks comfortable so far.

13:29 Cancan REN (China) versus Elena SAVELYEVA  (Russia). Ren is the three time world champion and the biggest threat to our Nic. She proved that boxing does not take away feminine traits by lying about her age to the AIBA. Her switch hitting Ruskie opponent eased by a limited North Korean yesterday and will provide a decent test.

13:27 The Flyweights up first; Women's Fly (51kg) 112 pounds or 8 stone.

13:21 In her seminal work On Boxing, feminst essayist Joyce Carol Oates stated- “The female boxer... cannot be taken seriously. She is parody, she is cartoon, she is monstrous”. After yesterdays ace start to the tournament- Joyce looks pretty silly now. With the three brits plus the majestic Katie Taylor up today- this promises to be the breakthrough day for women's boxing in the British Isles

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