LVG Blames Strikers For Man Utd's Problems, And He's Right

And it's hard to argue with the logic.
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LVG Says Man Utd's Defensive Problems Are Their Strikers' Fault

It's no secret that Louis Van Gaal's Man United project hasn't been quite the success some predicted it would be - not yet anyway - but instead of blaming his defenders, he's claiming it's the strikers are partly to blame.

According to the venerable Jamie Jackson (hold tite, ya boy JJ) over at the Guardian, in a press conference Van Gaal said:

“I want my defensive organisation to be better but the defence begins in the striker’s position. It’s teamwork, so when we concede a goal it’s not only because of an individual error from the defence. It starts somewhere else and that is what we have to analyse and improve."

It makes sense really. Thinking back to players like Falcao and Rooney losing the ball on the halfway line and allowing the opposition to run straight at the defence pretty much unopposed, it's something that's been happening far too much and putting far too much pressure on a defensive line still trying to work out the kinks.

That said, while it's admirable to spread the blame around a bit, the criticism that LVG has tried to build his house roof first remains and with Falcao's permanent signing for around £44million seemingly imminent, could it be time to question the Dutchman's decision making?


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