Maicon & Mourinho Laugh At Chelsea For Hiring Benitez

At Inter, Maicon and Mourinho won a treble together. Maicon and Benitez won a Club World Cup together. Does this video show the Manchester City player and Real Madrid manager sharing a joke at Benitez's expense?
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So it's not just the twittersphere that responded to news of Benitez's arrival at Chelsea with jokes. Even superstars Jose Mourinho and Maicon were getting in on the act. The above video shows the two talking after Manchester City's clash with Real Madrid. Granted, Mourinho could well be laughing at Maicon's defending which was admittedly hilarious, but it appears the two are actually talking about Benitez. Benitez managed Maicon the season after Mourinho had led his Inter side to a treble. Benitez only lasted six months and was sacked despite winning the Club World Cup - a victory on which Mourinho said "I thought he'd thank me because I gifted him a title."

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