Man City's 5 Greatest Ever Manchester Derby Goals

Featuring important goals, incredible goals, and the time Neville 'fed the goat'
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Manchester City's Five Best Manchester Derby Goals...

5. The goal(s) that nearly got Fergie sacked (City 5, United 1, Sept. 23 1989) 

City had just won promotion back to the top flight, and when David Oldfield hammered in a cracking goal to open the scoring we knew they were back. City went on to win 5-1, but in a cruel twist of fate were not to beat United again for over 13 years.

4. Gary Neville Feeds the Goat (City 3, United 1, 09/11/2002)

This brilliant unexpect goal was Shaun Goater's finest hour, and gave City cause to celebrate after a few seasons in the doledrums.

3. Kompany secures title for double over United (City 1, United 0, 30/04/2012).

A pretty innocuous goal this, but one that more than any other that season, this goal ended City's long and painful wait for another league title.

2. Dzeko nabs the 6th as City utterly demolish United at Old Trafford (United 1, City 6 - 23/09/2011)

In fact screw it, let's have all the goals from that game.

1. Denis Law's Backheel Relegates United in his final professional game (United 0, City 1 - 17/04/1974)

Not only is this finish brilliant insouciant, but this is a goal that heavily contributed to United's relegation. Law might have been a United man at heart, even substituting himself off after the goal, but in a way that just makes the pain sweeter.

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