Man United: Beneath Jones' Comedy Face Lies A Quality Footballer & More Things I Learnt vs. Norwich

Despite the easy nature of the win, the game against Norwich taught us plenty of lessons about Moyes' inconsistent new-look United...
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Man United: Beneath Jones' Comedy Face Lies A Quality Footballer

Adnan just keeps getting better and better


Okay, so that isn’t true, but in what is probably a mark of a campaign that has given us little to shout about, it feels like it is. The lad oozes class and confidence, and after another exciting standout display against The Canaries, Januzaj has again given united fans a further sign that the academy has unearthed something rather special.

His meteoric rise from under 18 starlet to first team starter has been nothing short of phenomenal, and it doesn’t seem to have phased him one iota. Whenever the Belgian picks up the ball, he is always looking to do something out of the ordinary, be it a shot from 30 yards out or a piece of skill that merely mediocre players wouldn't dare to attempt.

It’s this unshakable confidence, alongside his unquestionable talent that has (quite rightly) prompted comparisons to the debut years of Ronaldo and Rooney. This young chap is going to be a little bit special.

Beneath Phil Jones’ comedy face, there lies a very good footballer

We’ve all seen the photos on Twitter and Facebook... Phil Jones repeatedly displays the facial expressions of a man who is getting his balls tickled by surprise.

But what Jones reminded us of tonight was not that he looks like Pete Burns in a wind tunnel, but that he is indeed a very good footballer. In the previous games against Stoke and Sociedad, the Englishman has partnered Johnny Evans at the back, and ably so.

But where he has recently been overwhelmed when deployed in midfield, he shone against Norwich in the same understated fashion shown week-in week-out by Michael Carrick. Jones never looked as though he would be caught out, and looked quite confident in playing the ball out towards the forwards.  His tidy display was even capped off nicely by a rather spectacular volleyed goal that Van Persie would’ve been proud of. But undoubtedly, his best position remains at centre back and he looks set to regain his spot alongside Evans next time round.


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Hernandez still has a starring role to play

The Little Pea netted two goals in Wednesday’s win, but it was the manner in which he went about his business off the ball that was the more impressive aspect of his performance.

Hernandez was born in an offside position, and as such it has taken a lot of work for him to iron out some of the hideously bad habits he developed whilst learning his trade at Guadalajara.

But as was the case towards the end of last season, the baby-faced forward has shown that there is more to his game than just playing off the shoulder of the last defender. He is starting to drop deep and create, his hold up play is improving, and his knack of popping up in the right place to bag a decisive goal is becoming more of an instinct and less of a trait with every passing game.

It is always going to be hard for the manager to start Chicharito in the premier league when he has RVP and Rooney at his disposal, but if the Mexican continues to improve his game at the rate he has done over the past season (and if the United hierarchy are willing to ignore several rumoured hefty transfer offers for the player), there is no reason that he cannot become a starting XI mainstay in the seasons to come.

Nobody can quite work out what Alex Büttner is

The Dutchman spends more time posting topless photos of him and his brother Denny on his Instagram account than he does occupying the minds of United supporters.

There is a general feeling that Buttner’s Manchester United career will be short-lived, with the club having already tried to offload him in the summer, but if you look past the obvious lack of a footballing brain, the ridiculous haircut, and the terrible tattoos (my god... those tattoos), there is just something about him that makes me bloody love him.

He’s obviously bat-crap mental and, quite honestly, a bit crap. He genuinely doesn’t seem to know what his feet are going to do next, *BUT* as he displayed in the win against Norwich by producing an outstanding cross for Hernandez’s second, he showed us that there is something in there that suggest his time at Old Trafford is going to be as exciting as it will be forgettable.

So while I work out whether or not he should be left unattended for more than 20 minutes, let’s all just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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