Man United: Could Di Maria Be Even Better Than Arsenal's Ozil?

LVG seems keen on the Champions League winning Argentine international, who looks set to call it a day at Madrid...
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Man United: Could Di Maria Be A Better Signing Than Arsenal's Özil?

According to the Daily Mail, Van Gaal is lining up a mega-money Treble Swoop for Di Maria, Blind and Rojo with the Real Madrid man top of his priorities.

He's obviously exponentially better than their current options and what he would bring to the side is often not easy to quantify. Practically the diametric opposite to Nani's fancy Dan toothlessness, Di Maria brings pace and impetuous, closing down opponents with a raw fury that's actually a little bit terrifying, and would be the perfect antidote to what was a very sluggish side last term, looking to ACTUALLY DO THINGS with the ball when he has it rather than just put his head down and pump cross after cross into the box.

He's not a bad finisher himself (despite only bagging four in La Liga last year) but it's his 17 assists which'll really bring home that sweet, sweet trophy-shaped bacon.

Oh and he's a lot more consistent than Arsenal's £40mil+ man - there's a reason why Real let Özil leave... Where the Gooner has a tendency to run and hide, going missing in more big games than Howard Webb's ethics, Di Maria carpes the hell out of that diem - think back to his performance against Barcelona late last season. He gave 100% for 100% of the biggest match of their season.

Is Özil going to do that? No.

Oh and for you stattos: Özil - five goals, nine assists in 25 starts last season. Di Maria got four goals and SEVENTEEN assists in 27 starts.

Makes u think.


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