Man United Fans: 10 Best Quotes From Fergie's Book

Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography has been released so here are the 10 best quotes we could find. David Beckham, close your eyes...
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Man United Fans: 10 Best Quotes From Fergie's Book

1) On Robin van Persie transfer: "I warned Arsene we would never get to £25m. Arsene was incredulous. He could not believe that Manchester United wouldn't stretch to £25m for such a player.

"I told him again: I wouldn't go to £25m. Arsene asked what my best offer would be. Answer: £22m. The reply was that Arsenal would take £22.5m and a further £1.5m if we won the Champions League or Premier League during the period of his contract. Deal done."

2) Speaking about David Beckham: "David thought he was bigger than Alex Ferguson. You cannot have a player taking over the dressing room."

3) After meeting rapper P Diddy, Ferguson asked Rio Ferdinand: “Is he going to make you a better centre half?’’

4) "Wayne (Rooney) said that we should have pursued Mesut Ozil, who had joined Real Madrid from Werder Bremen. My reply was that it was none of his business who we should have gone for.

I told him it was his job to play and perform. My job was to pick the correct teams. And so far I had been getting it right."

5) “The hardest part of Roy’s (Keane) body is his tongue"

6) "They say it was Cesc Fabregas who threw the pizza at me, but to this day, I have no idea who the culprit was."

7) On Arsene Wenger's reaction to losing at Old Trafford in 2004, ending Arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run: "It seemed to me that losing the game scrambled Arsene's brain"

8) On Rafa Benitez: "I found Liverpool dull to watch when he was manager there"

9) On Cristiano Ronaldo: "We looked back at his time with us, with pride and gratitude"

10) On mind games: "Every time I made a public utterance, a swarm of analysts would look for the hidden meaning, when 98 percent of the time there was none"


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