Man United Given Hope As Pep Admits Kroos Could Leave Bayern

Moyes is looking to buy German but the Reds have as much chance of this one happening as they have of Cleverley sprouting wings...
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Pep Admits Kroos Could Leave Bayern, Man United Fans Get Super Excited

The other day those lads over at The Mirror are reporting that Man United are preparing a 'stunning' £25million bid for Toni Kroos - you know, the bloke who's easily one of the best players in the world in his position and definitely won't be going anywhere.

With the rumours sparked either by bored ITK news-hacks, eager United fans on Twitter who noticed that Kroos had been playing hard to get over signing on again at Bayern or, most likely, Kroos' agent trying to strong-arm Pep's board into a bumper contract.

Why would a player, in a vital role at the team currently one of the best in the world, up sticks to a transitional Manchester United side? And why, do tell, would Bayern let him go for such a paltry sum? Maybe if they threw in another twenty million, another four players and the drunken promise of a cheeky, behind-the-Allianz handie - but that'd only still be a maybe.

While we'd love to see the talented midfielder - a fantastic player and one of the most German-est looking people of all time - playing in the Premier League it's almost certainly EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that he'll sign this window, if at all - even if, as ST's own Rob Blanchette commented, Moyes proved he could attract the big names with his Mata signing.

Sorry, guys.

UPDATE: SkySports are reporting that Toni Kroos is 'keeping his options open' and is 'insisting' that's what he's doing, after being linked with Man United. It all smacks a bit with a bloke flirting with another girl to try and make his missus appreciate him more.

UPDATE UPDATED: Pep Guardiola told reporters that Kroos 'could be allowed to leave' Bayern. This couldn't happen... Could it?

"[Kroos] is an important player, but things can move fast in football. Here today, gone tomorrow" said handsome slap-head Pep after the midfielder sulked after being subbed...


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