Man United 'Hijack' Transfer Of Future England Star To Chelsea

As well as throwing their title chances away this weekend, Chelsea could also have had their top target snatched from under their nose...
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Man United 'Hijack' Transfer Of Future England Star To Chelsea

According to The Mirror, Man Utd have hijacked the transfer of Luke Shaw to Chelsea by lining up a bid close to £30m for the summer.

Despite the fact that Southampton would rather give Man Utd their stadium than their left-back, there's also the small factor of Man United being the very definition of a spent force, metaphorically rolling over and nodding off after sticking it right into opponents for the best part of the last twenty years. So yeah, there's also that. There's also the fact that Shaw's a Chelsea fan and, despite them throwing the league away with a terrible result at Palace, Chelsea are still a better side than United at the moment and also boast Jose Mourinho - an infinitely more glamorous and talented manager than that ginger undertaker who they let into the hotseat at United.

Maybe Shaw's just a fan of that checked-navy United away kit?


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