Man United: How Much Will Tempt Barkley From Everton?

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Man United: How Much Will Tempt Barkley From Everton?

Louis Van Gaal has taken one look at Man United’s squad and claimed that there are too many number 10s in it. Ten years ago nobody would've known what the hell that meant but here we are.

This, however, has not deterred him in the transfer market, and he has promptly been linked to Everton’s creative midfielder Ross Barkley by the Guardian. Barkley, whose stellar form last season led to him being on the plane to a rather disappointing World Cup in Brazil (not his fault), has had a quiet summer so far in terms of rumours, but maybe now is his time to shine.

He's also recently been linked to United’s noisey, and somewhat more talented, neighbours as a long term replacement for Yaya Toure, and a bidding war may ensue. £50 million and any number of City and United squad players have been touted as the price of young Barkley, and in a world where Bojan has gone to Stoke, who’s to say that this isn’t true as well?


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