Man United: If Moyes Stays This Summer, RVP Will Likely Leave

The honeymoon period for Moyes is well and truly over and that looks like it could mean that the team's star striker is out the door come May...
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Man United: If Moyes Stays This Summer, RVP Will Likely Leave

It is the most crucial stage in David Moyes’ Manchester United career and he’s already losing. United are out of all domestic competitions, need to defy a two goal deficit to stay in Europe and are struggling to make progress in their pursuit for fourth. Moyes has to show he has some sort of plan for next season to keep the fans and the players onside.

But the reality for Moyes is that he’s already losing the dressing room. Robin van Persie joined from Arsenal to win trophies and he did so in his first season whilst also going on to be the league’s top goalscorer. His decision to leave the club he supported as a kid justified. Or was it?

It’s been 10 months since Rooney played a long ball from inside his own half right into the path of Robin van Persie – who watched it fall over his shoulder and struck it on the volley hitting the back of the net without Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan being able to react. That goal was one of three goals for van Persie on the night that sealed United’s 20th league title but any repeat of a van Persie inspired genius looks beyond him this season.

He has maintained his goal return from last season but that really doesn’t tell any of the story. At the start of the season Robin was dismayed that bookmakers only made United third favourites to retain their title. After scoring twice to help the team win the Community Shield the Dutch striker said “We’re doing really well, and I believe in this team. We are the champions and, based on that, we are clear favourites.”


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And in fairness to Robin, he was right to be dismayed that United were made third favourites, as it massively flattered them in hindsight. It is also, worryingly for Moyes, abundantly clear who van Persie blames for this. His comments to Dutch TV suggest he’s been angry for a while and he has just completely given up on the manager. Early season reports suggested their relationship was fructuous as Moyes’ intense training sessions’ hindered Robin’s fitness level and was the cause of his injury problems this season. Then the tactics started playing on RvP. As the season went on and with United still outside of the top four the tactics became more and more simplistic, typified during United’s home draw with Fulham.

But should van Persie really be chastised by fans for this? Like most fans he seems to be of the view David Moyes is not up for the job. He wants him replaced, and like his previous nine seasons in England he wants to be managed by a world class manager. And in his demeanour on the pitch he is actively pushing for a new manager. You can definitely sympathise with Robin van Persie too. He has been incredibly unlucky throughout his career with injury so when he plays he would like to enjoy every minute, like he did last season. This season as his side floundered he had to witness his new manager give every appraisal under the sun to his lesser performing strike partner.

The scenario that is most likely to take place this summer is that Moyes will stay which will in turn mean van Persie will leave. As he is in the twilight of his career he can’t be blamed for putting himself before the team that currently employ him. But what van Persie, like most fans, would like to see happen is for Moyes to leave and an elite manager to come in. And for the final three months of the season if Robin actively tries to make the unlikely second scenario take place he shouldn’t be casted aside as a bad apple and in fact be celebrated in his desire to want Manchester United to return to the top of the table where Sir Alex Ferguson left them.

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