Man United: It's A Bad Year When The Keeper's The Star Player

David de Gea has had a great season in goal for United, as for everyone else...
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Man United: It's A Bad Year When The Keeper's The Star Player

What’s going right?

Sacking David Moyes’ has lifted the spirits of all the fans and players… bar Rooney who has a sore tummy at the moment.

What’s not?

Taking so long to sack David Moyes. At any other club Moyes would’ve gone just after January, and if we had have sacked him then we may have gotten into that European competition – you know the good one, I forget what it’s called.

Got the right manager?

Yes, no… maybe? As interim managers go, United have got the best. As much as I’d love Ryan Giggs to do a Pep the risk is too big. Louis Van Gaal, Moyes’ permanent successor is the best manager currently available for free.

Star player?

De Gea, although when a team’s star player is the keeper it shows how poor the season’s been...

Who would you like to sell in the summer?

Wayne Rooney. As the rest of the squad plotted to get rid of their under-qualified manager, Wayne used him to get an undeserved pay rise.


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Who do you want to sign?

A midfielder, and not just someone that is better than our current crop, as Charlie Adam falls into that category, I want a proper good player. I’d gladly take any midfielders that Bayern Munich don’t want.

Best chant so far?

“Twenty times, twenty times Man United”

I’m just glad Moyes’ made sure that stayed true for the entire season.

Best opposition player/team you’ve seen?

Does Mata count?

Biggest w***** of the season?

A tough one as there are many, but I would have to stay consistent and go with Wayne Rooney.

Funniest Moment of the season?

I’m really enjoying how we, the fans of the current champions who sit seventh, are already branding the next title winners the worst there has ever been.

Next season's prediction?

Title. It’ll be a big ask but the way this title race has unfolded has forced me to go bold here. Minimum will be getting a Champions League place.

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