Man United Legend George Best On Cristiano Ronaldo's Debut

Legend. No other word comes close to describing George Best at Man Utd. In this archive interview from 2003, the great man gives his opinions on a young talent who’d go on to become a star himself.
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Man United Legend George Best On Cristiano Ronaldo's Debut

Speaking to Justyn Barnes in 2003, this is what Georgie Best thought of Ronaldo's debut...

"Cristiano Ronaldo’s first United game as a substitute in the season opener against Bolton was undoubtedly the most exciting debut performance I’ve ever seen.

A few of my old team-mates were at the game and they compared him to me. There have been a few players described as ‘the new George Best’ over the years, but this is the first time it’s been a compliment to me. There have been players who have some similarities, but this lad’s got more than anyone else, especially as he is genuinely two-footed. He can play on either wing, beat players with ease and put in dangerous crosses with his left or right peg. When was the last time you saw that? With Ronaldo and Giggsy on the pitch at the same time, opposition defenders will be petrified!

Another thing I liked about Ronaldo against Bolton was how he dealt with the physical side. As soon as he came on, he was clattered from behind but he just got up and got on with the game, it didn’t faze him at all. That’s the right attitude. I used to relish it when defenders were trying to kick me up in the air – it only made me more determined to take the p*** out of them!"

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