Man United: New Boss, New Dawn ...Rooney Needs To Go

If we could trick someone into signing Rooney and dump Fellaini by the wayside while signing a few key players, we could be back to reassert our mantle as the country's best...
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Man United: New Boss, New Dawn ...Rooney Needs To Go

What’s going right?

The emergence of Adnan Januzaj and the sacking of David Moyes. His initial appointment was a mistake but thankfully that decision has now been reversed and it looks like an experienced and forward-thinking manager, with his own very forceful personality, has been lined up to replace him in Louis van Gaal.

What’s not?

Rooney's new contract and the ground that's been lost from a wasted, pivotal summer of transfer that has instead made the generation gap between our soon-to-be retiring veterans and our unfinished youngsters widen further.

Got the right manager?

Not at present. Moyes was incompatible while our current interim manager, Ryan Giggs, isn't ready. Could be one of the future though, but confirmation of van Gaal cannot come soon enough.

Star player?

David De Gea. As Giggs said, he's the only player who's played to his full ability this season and has been a beacon of consistent excellence amid a gloomy year of diva tantrums amongst the outfield roster and incompetence in the dug out.


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Who would you like to sell in the summer?

Depending on whether he can learn to live alongside (read: behind) Robin van Persie or not, Wayne Rooney would be the player I'd eject if possible. His contract is a farce given his hot-cold form shifts, history of disloyalty and Roy Of The Rovers routine. Unless PSG or similar can be tricked into taking on his wages though that seems unlikely. So long as the heart and soul players are kept though, such as Danny Welbeck, I trust van Gaal to get on with clearing the deadwood and rebuilding the squad as he sees fit. In case he's reading though, it wouldn't exactly be a tragedy if Marouane Fellaini were dumped by the wayside...

Who do you want to sign?

A physically robust, brave and technically sound box-to-box midfielder who can add some much needed leadership, power, goals and penetrative passing from deep. Kevin Strootman would have been ideal last year, and is a van Gaal favourite, but he's only just moved to Roma and will be injured until December. He's exactly the kind of player we should go for though. Otherwise, a left-back to replace either Patrice Evra or Alexander Buttner, a centre-back in their mid-20's to help Jonny Evans bridge the gap between the oldies and the youth, and maybe a right-back if Rafael's fitness issues persist.

Best chant so far?

Got to be Giggs' Joy Division-inspired classic following his late season cameo in the dug out.

Best opposition player/team you’ve seen?

David Silva. Forget effectiveness, stats, goals or power, he's the best footballer in the league, as much as it saddens me to say so while watching him play for the other side.

Biggest w***** of the season?

Luis Suarez for being a whiny, conniving and melodramatic racist, and a depressingly large section of the UK's football writing fraternity for suggesting that a season of goals and good form is enough to win a man redemption for racially abusing someone and refusing to apologise to them.

Funniest Moment of the season?

I'll be called small time, but who cares? Gerrard's slip. The timing, the context, the player who went on to score past him... it was all brilliant.

Next season's prediction?

A widely disliked and vivid reassertion of United's top four credentials, led by an outspokenly arrogant Dutch control freak who looks like the melted uncle of Josh Homme. It's going to be glorious and most of you are going to hate it. Can't wait!

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