Man United: Sort Out Midfield & We'll Be Title Challengers

A bleak season for United is finally coming to an end. With the right signings, next year will be much, much better...
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Man United: Sort Out Midfield & We'll Be Title Challengers

What’s going right?

David Moyes is gone now, Adnan Januzaj is a star, James Wilson is proving our youth system still churns ‘em out and we should have some funds to buy the players we sorely need in the summer.

What’s not?

We aren’t in the Champions League next season, we have a midfield as mobile as a dead horse, the Glazers are still pricing out the working class fans and our city rivals are more than likely going to end up as champions.

Got the right manager?

We didn’t during the season, but van Gaal will hopefully instil confidence back into the team. It also seems like he will provide the same kind of twattery towards the media that Sir Alex did during his reign (this is definitely a good thing).

Star player?

It’s difficult to say when most of your players have been complete bobbins, but Adnan Januzaj looks like an absolute gem of a player at 19. David De Gea, Jonny Evans, Danny Welbeck and the Belgian were probably the best of a pretty bad bunch over the season.

Who would you like to sell in the summer?

We need a decent overhaul. We have some good squad players but we may need to sell a few of them in order to buy the top drawer midfielders needed. I wouldn’t be averse to seeing the back of Lindegaard, Buttner, Carrick, Cleverley, Young, Valencia and Hernandez in order to bring in two world class midfielders, a winger and a young left back. I’d also be happy to see the back of a certain Scouser too.


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Who do you want to sign?

We need to be looking at the very best players available in midfield. In an ideal world it would be two from Kroos, Gundogan, Pogba, Vidal, Modric and Fabregas. I’d love us to be serious about chasing one of either Muller or Reus too. We need a young left back but Shaw would cost upwards of £25m and despite people comparing his potential signing to Rio Ferdinand’s, the latter was 23 when he joined and had played in both a Champions League semi-final and a World Cup quarter-final.

Best chant so far?

I’m a fan of our ode to Januzaj to the tune of Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Ooh Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day". Not so much a fan of our song about Vincent Kompany. Singing songs mocking a player who seems alright, even if he does play for our rivals? Not for me. “Kickin’ a Blue” can get in the bin too.

Best opposition player/team you’ve seen?

The racist Luis Suarez is an excellent footballer but he seems a little bit of a flat-track bully so Yaya Toure would be the player I rate highest in the league. His ability to win the ball and get forward with pace is something that United crave. David Silva continues to impress me too and both of the City men invariably produce in the big games. It’s been a weird season and it’s difficult to pinpoint a particularly impressive side. Individually, City and Chelsea have the best sides in the country but when Liverpool were high on confidence they looked irresistible going forward.

Biggest w***** of the season?

The man who football writers deemed an appropriate recipient of their Player of the Year award. There should be no redemption without a sincere apology, Luis.

Funniest moment of the season?

Probably Liverpool’s capitulation against Crystal Palace. You’ll be hard pushed to find anyone other than a Liverpool fan who would say otherwise. Though, admittedly, United’s freefall has not been without its amusement.

Next season's prediction?

With the correct signings, we should challenge with City and Chelsea for the title. If we don’t make those transfers then we could be looking at another year without Champions League football.

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