Man United's Rio Ferdinand Q&A: I Want To Manage In London

The former England captain's answering your questions on Twitter right now - just nobody ask him about John Terry...
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Man United's Rio Ferdinand: I Want To Manage In London

If West Ham, Fulham or Charlton are looking for a new manager any time soon they might want to consider an application from Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand. When asked what he’d like to be doing in five years time the centre-back replied on Twitter this morning “In London and managing in the PL.”

Rio also admitted the denim shorts and halter top he was photographed in were for a stag-do dare, the school run was the most rewarding and stressful time of a parents day and if he wasn’t a footballer he would have liked to have worked with under-privileged kids in Southwark.

These Twitter Q&As players do often reveal so much more than big interviews and Rio went on to say HE was the most expensive thing in his house, that “Raul and Bergkamp – intelligent players” were the best striker he played against and he preferred Celtic to Rangers, saying Paul McStay was inspired.

The Man United legend went on to the Champions League 2008 final in Moscow was the highlight of his career “and the drunkest ever at the celebration party!!”

Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson are the most famous people he’s ever met and when asked about the best ever Manchester United player he replied “Scholes for talent, Giggs for longevity, @Cristiano and Best for Magic.”

Follow Rio on Twitter here, @rioferdy5

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