Man Utd Fans: This 'LFC Disaster Appeal' Video Will Have You Laughing

There's only one North West team in red laughing this season...
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How things have changed. Last year Liverpool looked unstoppable, with Suarez banging them in for fun their late bid for the league seemed to be written in the stars, while a flapping Man Utd with David Moyes at the helm were the laughing stock of the country, egged on by their North West rivals.

Only a few months later and Liverpool are out of Europe, sliding down the league and can't buy a goal for love nor money, while Man Utd look like a team back on the up. It's a funny old game, as they say.

The two teams meet this Sunday. Defeat to Man Utd could be the final nail in Rodgers' coffin, but on the flip side a win over arch rivals could be enough to appease the #RodgersOut clan. For now at least.


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