Is Man Utd Favourite Danny Welbeck Heading To Hull?

Dat guy. Welbz is dat guy.
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Is Man United Favourite Danny Welbeck Heading To Hull?

Steve Bruce is dangling a big bag of cash. Inside is £14million. Louis Van Gaal's eyes light up like the fires of hell. That's sort of what is probably happening this week, as the Guardian are reporting that the Premier League's best haircut might be on his way out of Old Trafford.

Welbeck's problem has always been his final product but he offers so much more: a change in impetuous, a directness often lost in modern football and a style which many teams find incredibly hard to deal with. Note his performance against Bayern Munich last season - he was by far the best player on the pitch in a United shirt. Kroos was about ready to mess his lederhosen, like.

Man United fans: Do you want to keep Welbz? Is he still dat guy?


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