Man Utd Legend Claims Liverpool ‘Stuck In Past’ - Fair Comment?

Or is Neville trolling?
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In his column for The Telegraph, Gary Neville has labelled Liverpool as ‘stuck in the past’ and claims that they are ‘in danger of becoming a provincial club’.

With Neville having spent his entire career at Liverpool’s rivals Manchester United, some at Anfield will dismiss this as a biased media pundit acting upon an agenda, but does he have a point?

The Sky Sports commentator points out that Raheem Sterling is far from the only top Liverpool player to want to leave the club over recent years, criticises their decision to stay at Anfield and accuses them of being slow to exploit the commercial opportunities of their worldwide fan-base.

Liverpool fans - is Neville merely taking the chance to have a pop against the old enemy, or is he right? 


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