Man Utd: Meet The Veteran Van Gaal Wants To Settle Your Defence

Yes, actually. He probably could.
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Could This Brazilian's Experience Help Settle Man Utd's Defence?

I mean, yeah, he's thirty-one. Sure. Not a great age. Fine. Granted. But with enough nous to fill Buttners, wantaway Barcelona full-back Dani Alves is surely a no-brainer for LVG to pick up on the dirt-cheap next summer.

The Brazilian has reportedly told press that he'll be playing in the Premier League next summer - which, the Mirror say will put Man United and Liverpool on "red alert" but we at first we though "that's b*****cks, tbh" - It's Arsenal who are in dire need of RB cover with Mathieu Debuchy's injury but we reckon it's Man United that could really do with a steadying hand on the tiller.

And lol @ how unstable United's defence are that Dani Alves would genuinely be considered a steadying hand. Bloody hell, how the mighty have fallen.


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