Man Utd or Man City? Father Auctions Son's Football Allegiance On eBay

Red or blue?
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Man Utd or Man City? Father Auctions Son's Club Allegiance On eBay

Tables, chairs, old DVDs, some clothes - you can get (not quite) everything you want on eBay and now apparently you can even bid for the club allegiance of the new born son of some mug you've never met.

Although it's probably JFB (just for b*nter) and is For Charity, something about auctioning off the sacred bond between father and son seems wholly immoral to us. Where's the "YOU MUST SUPPORT X OR DON'T BOTHER TALKING TO ME"?

Well, as the dad is a Watford supporter living in Manchester he says he has "no allegiance" to either club but who wants to pay to watch Man United slowly roll the ball around for the next eighteen years without the unbreakable bond of an allegiance from birth? Not I, sir. Not I.

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