Man Utd's Best Adidas Gear Is This Black Training Kit

Moody and slick. Gotta love this...
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Manchester United fans have been coughing up a fair few bob for their new Adidas replica kits, which in all fairness are nice. However, we think the best kit is this slick black training kit with red trim and an all-red badge.


You can't get much cooler than a black kit when it's done right and this one is done very right. It's simplicity is refreshing and the Aon logo is so much less of an eyesore than the intrusive and ultimately kit-destroying Chevrolet cross.

The jersey is reminiscent of the 1993 classic all-black kit that Eric Cantona donned with such swagger, but with a little more red. It's dark, it's moody and its bloody cool.


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