Manchester City: 10 Lessons Learned From Losing To Manchester United

Manchester City are in trouble without Tevez, Nani is now world-class and Young frightening. At least Rooney's transplant didn't work...
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1) It’s as you were in Manchester

Much has been made of City’s FA Cup semi final victory at the tail end of last season, but this United victory restores normal service to some extent. Dominance in possession, overturning deficits and last minute goals are trademarks of the Man United derby rulebook. Alex Ferguson celebrated Nani’s winner in ecstatic delight, while Roberto Mancini is left to confront his demons, which should have been exorcised by now. The Blue half will console themselves with the notion that this match was only a warm up, but this is a worrying display of the “old” City.

2) City need to adjust to life without Tevez, and fast

The question, “Can City cope without Tevez?” was yesterday answered with a resounding “No.” Disorganised in both attack and defence, and lacking a talisman in possession, City will be hoping more than ever that Kun Aguero is the nuts, and that Balotelli and Dzeko can come good on their fluctuating potential.

3) Manchester United’s production line is as potent as ever

The Old Trafford youth set-up has failed to produce diamonds in recent years, but yesterday’s introduction of Tom Cleverley was a nod to the nineties glory days. Quick of feet, quick of mind and just quick, Cleveley looks the business. United fans will be starting to believe a new dynasty lies ahead.

4) De Gea has some large boots to fill

De Gea’s flappiness will be a major concern to Sir Alex. Compared to former goalkeeping gargantua in Schmeichel and Van der Sar, De Gea comes across as a scruffy Huckleberry Finn in need of a good breakfast. Dzeko’s goal was indeed a superb strike, but the nation responded to the replay by pointing out in unison “Van Der Sar would have saved that.”

5) Nani is really, really good.

If we weren’t convinced before this match, we are now. Nani can be world class on his day and will be a frightening proposition for defenders this season. The next generation Manchester United team will surely be built around him. Nani started and finished the exquisite equalising goal which should have meant penalties. Unfortunately for City, Nani had other ideas.

Still sporting an outrageously high hairline, you wonder how long we have to wait to see Wayne tying his hair up in a bob Jason Lee style

6) Vincent Kompany is human

Kompany’s fatal slip up in injury time proves that beneath his tough exterior is flesh and blood. His near perfect performances last season called into question the possibility that he is half android. Harrison Ford need not bother. The normally fantastic City captain won’t make another mistake like that all year, but this one is going to hurt for some time.

7) Ashley Young is a monster signing

The newest signing on the pitch looked like he had been with his team for years. Young slots in perfectly to the left wing berth, in need of a revamp now due to the ageing Ryan Giggs. Manchester United fans can look forward to pacey wing play not seen since the departure of Ronaldo.

8: Danny Welbeck has been down the gym

Think Danny Welbeck, and you think small, wisp-like speed freak. But to look at him yesterday, you wonder how many rounds he could go with Amir Khan. Beefy and broad shouldered, Welbeck is clearly determined to keep his place in the team. If not, there’s probably room for him in the GB 2012 bantamweight side.

9) Every team who has won the Community Shield at the new Wembley went on to win the league

This fact was doled out in dramatic fashion by Martin Tyler as the game kicked off. This was a thoroughly decent attempt to give some significance to a game which has no significance. Decent, but useless. Well done, Martin.

10)Hair transplants don’t always work

Wayne Rooney’s self publicised weave job doesn’t seem to have made a great difference to his bonce. Still sporting an outrageously high hairline, you wonder how long we have to wait to see Wayne tying his hair up in a bob Jason Lee style. Those Head and Shoulder ads may take some time.

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