Manchester United: Giggs Should Be Dropped & Dropped For Good

Keeping Ryan Giggs in the team for any longer won't just hurt our performances but could also hinder the development of players around him too...
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After the abysmal game against Liverpool, and the awful summer overall that Manchester United has had, many people have looked at them and said: ‘They don’t look like champions anymore, they would be lucky to scrape top four.’ And, even though I have a natural bias towards Manchester United, I agree with that statement 100%. And I think I know one of the reasons why it has come to this, too...

If you look back to when we lost Paul Pogba, who has turned out to be a hugely talented player at Juventus, you wonder why he wouldn’t want to stay at what is the most popular club in the world. The reason he left, it turns out, is because he was being left out of the team behind Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, who are both over 35, and have passed their peak by at least five or ten years. I consider this to be one of Sir Alex’s biggest mistakes. He took Scholes out of retirement, just to take Pogba’s place on the bench, which makes no sense, mainly because Pogba has the potential to play until he is 35, and at the time, he was only 18, where as Scholes had already retired, which means even he knew he wasn’t good enough for Manchester United anymore.

I know hindsight can sometimes make the situation as it was at the time seem different, but seriously, Scholes and Giggs could have retired, and gone out as legends. Giggs, could have retired after the Champions League final against Chelsea, and gone out on top, or retired last season, and he would have had one club, one manager and a legendary status guaranteed, and I’m sure Scholes could have just stayed retired instead of coming back. But instead, both of these players stayed, and Scholes and Giggs managed to push Pogba out of Manchester United, and now, I am afraid it will happen again.


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After this abysmal start to the season, including one of the worst pre seasons Manchester United has ever endured, David Moyes might making it even worse by  continuing to choose Giggs over our most promising talent, Shinji Kagawa. This is a player who was even more key to Dortmund than Mario Gotze, yet we got him for less than half Gotze’s fee. This is a player who, even though he was injured and had modest success at Manchester United considering it was his first season in the BPL, and he can’t speak English, he consider it a failure, because he knows that he wasn’t as good as he could be. And instead of taking an easy way out, going back to Dortmund in the summer, he decided to stay and prove himself. And what does Moyes do? Leaves him on the bench behind Giggs, a almost 40 year old player, who was absolutely dreadful against Liverpool.

I think history might be repeating itself, and if Moyes doesn’t get Manchester United in the top four, I will be extremely worried about the future of Manchester United. We could topple like Liverpool did, or even go down like Leeds did. And if you think that is an over statement, just think about the people who fund Manchester United. If our stock price goes down, we lose money, which gives us less chance of keeping/buying top players. It is a vicious cycle; and even though it is incredibly unlikely that Manchester United could fall so dramatically; stranger things have happened. Although, I think it is probably more likely that we would end up floating around seventh position if we don’t get Champions League football next year.

I hope that Moyes sees sense and drops Giggs and he remains dropped. And I also hope that Moyes pulls his finger out and realises that he cannot afford to fail, not just because he will get sacked, but he could destroy Manchester United’s image, reputation and league position.

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