Manchester United Star Now Under Investigation For Match Fixing

Might need to get looking for another midfielder, Louis.
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Man United Star Now Under Investigation For Match Fixing

The poor little baby-faced Basque midfielder has been suffering with dodgy form, injuries and now - according to Marca - the player is under investigation for match-fixing allegations that go back to 2011.

Back when the little'un was running about for Real Zaragoza, it's reported that the side paid €120,000 to 12 Levante players. Bit dodgy that. Anyway, Herrara's "crime" is not reporting the deal goin' down.

If Herrera goes down for not grassing then he'll be a hero in Old Trafford, that's for sure. (Not as much as if he wasn't getting in trouble/injured and was just playing awesomely, but whatever...)


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