Manchester United Stars In Bizarre Pop Video

Wayne Rooney, David De Gea and even Sir Alex Ferguson appear in this pop video from Indonesia's favourite pop band Nidji...
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Just when you thought modern football couldn't get any more ridiculous, when you thought that the Premier League brand had pushed tackiness to its highest level, a video emerges of Manchester United stars appearing in an Indonesian pop video.

The only question running through my head as I watched the monstrosity above was why? Why would the Manchester United PR team think that allowing their players to appear in such a video would result in anything other than ridicule from the entire British population once it surfaced on the internet. Did they learn nothing from Blackburn's hideous fried chicken advert? Even Sir Alex Ferguson makes an appearance. David Gill must be very persuasive.

This is what English footbal has become. Forget challenging for the World Cup. No, who needs that when your league's stars can appear in pop videos aimed at impressionable Asian teenagers with a taste for naff merchandise.

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