Manchester United Transfer Deadline Day As It Happened: Failed Coentrao Panic Loan, Near Total Failure

After yesterday's woeful loss to the dreaded Scousers, Manchester United need to get some business done. Fellaini? Ozil? Modric? Come on Moyesy, keep calm and carry on...
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At last, it is over.

Jim White can crawl back into his specially crafted Sky Sports bunker and hibernate until the January transfer window. Managers can gradually wean themselves off Prozac after the threat of losing their best players recedes.

But as David Moyes and Ed Woodward wake up tomorrow morning, will it be in a cold sweat as they realise they made a mockery of the current Premier League champions, or with a quiet defiance after salvaging United's transfer window with only moments to spare? In my opinion, it's a mixture of the two.

Fellaini for £27.5m and a last gasp, failed attempt to get Fabio Coentrao on loan. No Herrera after men turn up in black suits pretending to be Man United representatives only to be con artists (it seems that The Real Hustle are branching out ambitiously). Tonight has been an absolute shambles and not the way Manchester United do business.

A left-back is not a priority. We should have done more to get Ozil rather than Fellaini #1niltothearsenal. But nevertheless, Moyes kept Rooney after some skillful negotiation; this could prove pivotal, his most crucial manoeuvre . Furthermore, Fellaini is a top international and, if Shinji Kagawa demonstrates his Borussia form, we'll be okay. Not a total disaster as fans feared around 10:30 p.m. but Ed Woodward should be sweating when it comes to explaining to the fans just why it all became such a farce.

It could have been much worse, but boy oh boy, it could have been so much better.




23.44 Wise words from @GaryLineker: Those having a pop at Moyes should remember that he won the fight to keep Rooney, which was crucial. Without him United are debilitated.

23.42 Sky Sports News still unable to confirm either the Fellaini OR Coentrao deal went through on time. GET HOSE FAX RECORDS OUT BOYS. 23.34 @StanCollymore now suggesting that the paperwork wasn't done on time... David Moyes and Ed Woodward's bottoms squeaking audibly according to club reports.



  23.02 Coentrao on loan... Because we really need a left-back with a resurgent Evra and Buttner at back up don't we #shambles. 23.00 TRANSFER WINDOW SHUT. David Moyes and Ed Woodward can officially turn their phones off and cry each other to sleep in peace. 22.58 HERE HERE

22.52 JUST A TAD embarrassing for Moyes and Woodward after no players being signed... Like the fat sweaty kid at a disco they should now skulk off to the toilet and silently weep. 22.50

22.48 @BigJohnTerry Man United's midfield 2003 - Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs Man United midfield: 2013 - Valencia, Cleverley, Carrick, Young Glory Days ✖

22.47 Former Wales midfielder Robbie Savage on Football Focus, BBC Radio 5 live

"I am gobsmacked about Manchester United. There was no creativity in the middle of the park against Chelsea and Liverpool, they have nobody who can go past a man. "They need somebody. I do not think Marouane Fellaini is the answer for them."

22.45 The amount of United gags doing the rounds makes me want to hide in Fellaini's afro and never see daylight again.

22.37 @ManUnitedWorld: Spurs have spent: £109.2m, Man City: £92m, Chelsea: £57.6m, Liverpool £44.8m, Arsenal: £42.5m. All greatly improved. Fellaini isn't enough.

22.36 @CallumOrr: David Moyes has been well and truly shafted by the board. Right between the cheeks. So much for 'getting behind the new man'.

22.34 Got to look at the funny side of things now I guess :(...

22.25 Ozil has gone to the Arsenal and it seems Herrera deal is truly as dead as a dodo... 22.25 Spanish football writer Andy West: "Some bizarre reports coming out regarding United's collapsed Herrera deal. Apparently a group of men claiming to be United representatives spent an hour at the La Liga offices in Madrid today, but it turns out they had nothing to do with the club and were presumably just attempting to get a cut of the deal in an elaborate fraud. "Must be stressed these are just rumours but the Spanish media have published pictures of men in black suits - supposedly the United "representatives" - coming out of the league offices carrying briefcases. "All very strange and no doubt the truth will come out in the next few days." 22.24

  22.18 BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty "Astonishing that a club of Manchester United's stature reaching the last hour of the transfer window without a big signing confirmed. Strategy?" 22.16 May be more to this than simply United unwilling to cough up. We will see. BBC News: "Manchester United have failed in their bid to sign Athletic Bilbao midfielder Ander Herrera. "It is understood the player had indicated a willingness to join the Old Trafford club and that United were willing to meet Herrera's £30.5m release clause but the deal will not now go through. "Confusion surrounds the collapse of the deal in Spain, but United are now concentrating all efforts on their attempts to sign Everton's Marouane Fellaini with 45 minutes of the window remaining."

22.13 Too true Motty... MOTD commentator John Motson "I am quite amazed we have got to the stage where one of the most celebrated clubs in the world, Manchester United, have not bought a senior player."

22.10 BIG NEWS

22.07 Balague now claiming the United representatives he was referring to may not have been United representatives... Game on for Herrera #madness #whatisgoingon. 22.02 Guillem Balague insisting that Herrera deal is off. After all that work... #holdme #holdmetight 22.01 If there is a God...

22.00 I'm going to be sitting here in an hour and the only confirmed news will be David Moyes has been found sobbing into a Maroune Fellaini hairball. 21.52 Uh-oh... No. No it is not true, this is all just a nasty dream and I will wake up to find Ronaldo, Mata, Fellaini and Herrera all smiling at the Carrington gates, and Ashley Young with Tom Cleverly being shot into space from a massive Moyes cannon:

21.44 OH, THERE IS A GOD! @GetFootballNews Bebé ready for a season-long loan at Pacos de Ferreira! 21.42 BBC Radio 5 live's Conor McNamara at Manchester United's Training Complex:

"Manchester United's club photographer & various club media & MUTV people arriving at Carrington. Maybe they've come to design the Christmas Party invites?"

21.41 As Fellaini and Herrera deals remain unsigned and with Scholes unwilling to come out of retirement, rumours circulate that Bobby Charlton has laced up his boots for a medical at Carrington #unconfirmed. 21.28 Hahahaha

21.24 So that's where the transfer fund's been going...   21.16 Still smarting that the Gooners have nabbed Ozil. Reaction of Madrid fans today, so desperate to keep him, shows we've missed out on a great player/half-human half-bug. 21.12 More reports that we have a contingency plan in place with Herrera... We may get an extra hour to do the deal #getitdone. 21.09 Someone is actually off (on loan), not a bad idea, promising start but he's stagnated as of late. BBC Sport's Luke Reddy reports: "Dave Whelan has just told me Wigan have agreed a deal to take Manchester United's Nick Powell on a season-long loan. Whelan said: "We obviously had Tom Cleverley on loan and I think United were happy with the job we did with him, so it's good news that we've got the lad. 21.07 Less than two hours to go, squeaky bum time begins! We'll take this @tancredipalmeri one with a pinch of salt til it's officially confirmed though... Manchester United have sealed the signing of Fellaini, according to Sky Italy! 21.00 @CallumOrr 'If Ed Woodward was a Pokemon, he'd be a Magicarp. 'Ed used flounder... it wasn't very effective'.' 20.58 Big news from Spain... Sami Khedira offer must make him the 392nd midfielder we've approached since Moyes took over. Guillem Balague provides an update on Ander Herrera and he understands thatManchester United have encountered ‘bureaucratic problems’ in their bid to sign the midfielder from Athletic Bilbao and may seek an extra hour to see if they can get a deal done by midnight. Balague also reports on Spanish media stories suggesting that United made a bid of €40million to take Sami Khedira from Real Madrid but were rebuffed. 20.35 Herrera rumours: United may have to pay extra 6 million Euros. Ouch. 20.24 BBC's Phil McNulty... "We reported earlier today that Marouane Fellaini was ready to push hard for his move from Everton to Manchester United if there were any signs of the deal faltering. It looks like he has pushed with an official transfer request - with less than four hours left in the window. "Everton have a lot of business to do. And will need to do it very quickly." 20.22 @FootballFunnys summarises the need for midfielders pretty darn well I think... Bale-Isco-Ronaldo, Messi-Neymar-Iniesta, Schweni-Robben-Ribery, Hazard-Mata-Lampard, Ozil-Walcott-Cazorla and Man Utd... Anderson - Clev - Young ... Oh. :( 20.13


20.12 Daily Star reports that Fellaini handed in an official transfer request at Finch Farm, hopefully meaning that at long last WE WILL ACTUALLY GET A MIDFIELDER #whoneedsozil. 20.11 The Busby Babe Twitter feed suggests a 40 million Euro bid for Khedira has been placed... Where did that come from? 20.09 In other news, rumours persist that a Cabaye bid has been placed; Herrera talks ongoing. 20.05 OFFICIAL EVERTON TWITTER IMPLIES BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IMMINENT, must be Fellaini!

20.03 BBC Radio 5 Live reporting that Fellaini has been spotted leaving Everton's Finch Farm training ground; guessing he's cleared out his locker by now... 20.03: Back online guys, keep your eyes peeled for a blow by blow account of the last three hours 18.10

18.02: NO, NO AND NO

18.00: Part of me does wonder... Why didn't United try and go for Kaka?   » Continue to Part 2   17.58




17.17 Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini is granted more time by the Belgian FA to join up with the squad as he resolves his future, with a possible move to Manchester United on the cards, according to BBC Sport.   17.16

  17.13: Hate to say it but Morgan has a point...

  17.09 Ed Woodward speaks to the press...     17.07 NEVER GETS OLD



  16.39 To anyone stupid enough to do a #moyesout on Twitter...     16.38: Refusing to give up on Baines, Evra still performing to a high level, just leave it.   16.35: Again being linked with Mata for £40m.   16.34: Garay 'happy to stay at Benfica'... Oh well, you win some you lose some. 16.33: Sorry about that folks, technical issues, back now!  15.33: We've been linked with highly-rated Italian centre-back Davide Astori of Cagliari 15.21:


15.21: Marnick Vermijl on loan to Dutch side for first team experience... 15.19: Still the odd rumour doing the rounds about a late Mata bid... Would love to see it but with Herrera looking good to go, do we need him? 15.13: AS IF we were ever going to go for Draxler at Schalke...   15.09: Moyes obviously listening to the demands of fans...         15.04: Baines almost certainly staying at Everton, according to The Busby Babe... 14.59:


14.56: Herrera would be a top signing yes, but I'd still love to see another midfielder. Gundogan over Fellaini if I'm honest...   14.53: Poor Shinji...   14.45: SHIFTING ATTENTION TO GUNDOGAN AND MODRIC according to Daily Star...  14.42: WHAT HERRERA NEEDS TO TELL ATHLETIC BILBAO... 14.38: YES HE BLOODY DOES #inmoyeswetrust


14.29: HERRERA LATEST FROM SPANISH EXPERT Spain football writer Andy West: "There could well be movement in Manchester United's bid for Athletic Bilbao midfielder Ander Herrera. "The player is believed to be very keen on the move and has lowered his wage demands in an attempt to make it happen. "Athletic will not budge from their stance of insisting that the full €36m of Herrera's buy-out clause is paid, so it's just a question of whether United are prepared to stretch that far - with a little bit of help from Herrera. "And there could also be yet another Spanish signing for Swansea. They are being linked with a move for Getafe striker Alvaro Vazquez, who featured for Spain's Under 21s in their European Championships triumph this summer." 14.28: What's that? We've met Herrera's release clause!? AWW YEAAAAAH   14.23: How all this transfer madness is making me feel... 14.18: David Moyes ABOUT BLOODY TIME






13.50: El Mundo: "It is clear that he wants to play for Manchester United and therefore has offered to contribute to the deal". #MUFC#MANUTD — ManUtd Update™ (@MufcDevilUpdate) September 2, 2013 13.49: El Mundo: "Herrera is prepared to lower his agreed wage with Manchester United (€4m/year) to contribute to the transfer". #MUFC#MANUTD — ManUtd Update™ (@MufcDevilUpdate) September 2, 2013 13.45: PASTORE BID!?!? Surprise link to PSG superstar: 13.22: The most mental... ever Giggs called up Modric last night to ask if Bale would join Man United [Guillem Balague] — 101 Great Goals (@101greatgoals) September 2, 2013 13.04: SportsDirect >> Man Utd ready £32m Herrera bid — Man United Buzz (@manutdbuzztap) September 2, 201313.06: BBC Sport's Phil McNulty on Fellaini to United - "All the signs are that Manchester United's pursuit of Marouane Fellaini is moving towards a successful conclusion before the window closes - which will leave Everton manager Roberto Martinez with money to spend. The Dutch media reports that Feyenoord's highly-rated defender Bruno Martins Indi is waiting to fly in to England to complete a move to Goodison Park once the Fellaini deal is done."   'Dear David Moyes, sign a creative midfielder. Yours, Usain Bolt' — Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) September 2, 2013