Manchester United's 5 Best Goals Against Man City

With Liverpool slipping out of title contention, the Manchester Derby has become one of the most hotly contested in British football...
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5. Giggs sinks City in 3-2 thriller (United 3, City 2 - 06/-04/1996)
Uwe Rossler scored a fine equaliser to bring City back into the game, but Fergie's United showed the ruthless streak that would come to characterise them for years to come.

4. Cantona scores as Man United demolish City 5-0 (10/11/1994)
It took a while for the Ferguson project to really take off, but when did, it really happened. Scoring a sackful of goals against City became a habit of Cantona's, no where more so than in this 1994 derby.

3. Denis Law Wins the penalty that sends City down (04/1963)
A young Denis Law had only recently signed for the Red Devils from Torino, and in an eerie reversal of things to come in 1974, won the penalty (converted by Albert Quixall) which sent former club City down in 1963. Unfortunately TV broadcasting was not by any means a standard practice for games in the early 1960s, so we'll just have to use our imaginations for this one. Here's Law scoring a brace in the FA cup final in the same year:

2. Michael Owen scores late (United 4, City 3 - 21/09/09)
Having spent the best part of his career playing for Liverpool, Owen never really fit in at Man Utd and barely played for them in the end. his one real contribution, however, was a truly incredible winner in what many called the best Manchester derby ever.

1. Rooney scores impossible overhead kick (United 2, City 1 - 12/02/11)
City looked to finally have the best of United with their increasingly illustrious squad, and a brilliant tactician in Roberto Mancini. They couldn't do anything about this moment of absolute genius from Rooney, however, which won United the game. Probably the moment Rooney will be remembered most fondly for when he's packed up his boots and become BT Sport's next Michael Owen.


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