How Many People Were Saying 'Nazi' On Twitter During USA vs Germany?

USA went down 1-0 to Germany last night. Wonder how Twitter reacted...
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The USA and Germany have got a rocky history, at best. From World War Two and through flirtations with Communism, the two have never really got on. That's all forgotten now though, surely?

Apparently not. When the two met in their final World Cup group stage game last night, Twitter got a bit weird. Americans, caught up in the furor of a form of football in which players actually use their feet, took to the internet to vent their frustrations as Germany strode out 1-0 winners.



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Instead of suggesting that perhaps the referee wasn't adjudicating fairly, or that perhaps Clint Dempsey could work the channels better, vast swathes of them decided to call Germans Nazis.

Above is a graph from which details just how much they used the word.