Map Shows Most Watched Teams In UK. Is Your Area A Chelsea Stronghold?

There's a few surprises.
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Sky Sports have created a map showing the most watched football teams in the UK by geographical location, and there are a few surprises.

Sky analysed the viewing habits of 500,000 homes in 118 postcodes around the UK, recording which Premier League team had been watched live three or more times the most often.

Manchester United's reach spreads further south than Liverpool, with LVG's men most popular in the most varied regions, from the Isle of Wight up to the Hebrides. Those in the North East stayed loyal to Newcastle, as did South Wales with Swansea and Leicester to their city's side, an impressive feat considering the PL giants are on TV far more frequently.

West Londoners Chelsea are most popular in Scotland, but can't penetrate Arsenal's dominance in the South East. Cornwall favour Liverpool.