Maradona Leaps To Defence Of Liverpool's Suárez With Bizzare T-Shirt

Diego Maradona confirms to us all that he's still a bit mad by defending Luis Suárez's latest on-field bite...
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World Cup legend and quite mad Argentinian folk hero Diego Maradona has raided the arts and crafts cupboard to defend Liverpool's Luis Suárez on Argentinian television. Diego, no stranger to controversy himself, appeared on Varky Sports wearing a charming,  homemade T-shirt proclaiming 'Luisito Estamos Con Vos' meaning 'Luis We Are With You' after the Uruguayan was sent home from Brazil in disgrace, after biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini.


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Maradona told other Argentinian media that "The sanction from FIFA is shameful. They don't understand the feelings of the fans" and that "Luis Suárez isn't to blame, it's just part of the game." Ringing endorsements from other bonkers South Americans aside Luis Suárez is set for four months away from football, leaving Liverpool yet again scratching their head for striking options for the start of the season.