Meet The South Korean Chelsea Need To End Their Striker Woes

Save your dosh, Jose, and pay in (relatively) small change for Leverkusen's brilliant 21-year-old striker...
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Son Heung-Min: The South Korean To End Chelsea's Striker Woes

Chelsea aren't blessed with world class strikers at the moment.

Five or six years ago, had you told Chelsea fans that they'd have Eto'o and Torres to chose from upfront (sorry Demba) they would have probably had to politely excuse themselves to the bathroom while they choked out a good'un.

Still, neither have set the world alight. One man who could, however, is Leverkusen's on-fire South Korean striker Son Heung-Min.

A pacey, two-footed striker who possesses a cracking shot, the 21-year-old is mobile and strong, being about to fire his six-foot frame about the pitch with tireless workrate, intelligent running and through on goal. In short: he'd be an absolute ball-ache to play against.

Precisely why Chelsea should snap him up, then. Jose's ruled out moves for Zlatan and Cavani (they were never gonna happen anyway, really) and the Bayer man would not only be a fantastic alternative but an exponentially cheaper one, too.


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