Mo Salah: Chelsea Sign The Anti-Zionist Hypocrite, Despite Israel-Supporting Owner

Chelsea's new arrival is a reported anti-Zionist, which raises question marks over his move to the Jewish owned club...
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Mo Salah: The Anti-Zionist Hypocrite Chelsea Have Just Signed  

Cast your mind back to July 2013. Maccabi Tel Aviv just played FC Basel in a Champions League Qualifier. Unfortunately the biggest headline to come out of this game was not about a great match of football, but rather Mohamad Salah’s refusal to shake the hands of his Israeli opponents.

Instead, he stayed on the touchline to change his boots until the pre-match routine had finished. In the second leg, before which the Egyptian stated, 'the Zionist flag won’t be shown in the Champions League’, not much changed. Again, he refused to shake the hands of his opponents, resorting to fist bumps instead. Unsporting or racist? You decide. All I know is that football is meant to bring people together.

Had an Israeli done the same with a Palestinian or Arab opponent, I predict there would be widespread public criticism, followed no doubt by condemnation from the UN.

Back to present day, where this afternoon Chelsea pipped Liverpool to the signing of the talented winger. The Jewish owned Chelsea Football Club. Did Salah forget about his principles? Or does money really talk that loudly? Probably the latter. Either way, he is a hypocrite: Abramovich is a known advocate of Israel.

So, having shown his desire to never shake hands with a Zionist, or by implication rely on one for a living, Salah will now be receiving his salary from the Jewish, Israel-supporting Abramovich.

Finally, I wonder how the deal was confirmed - did Salah fist bump his new boss? That would be a sight to behold.


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