Mourinho, Mancini, Di Canio & AVB: How To Dress Like The Gaffers

From AVB’s trenchcoat to Di Canio’s Barbour, these days the young manager with big aspirations needs to look the business on the touchline...
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AVB's trench-coat  at Tottenham Hotspur, Mancini's Manchester City scarf, Chelsea legend Mourinho's eternal style, and even West Ham United great Paulo Di Canio's shooting jacket - there is a lot of fashion to be found in the dug out.

It’s difficult to think that just one coat would change the way football managers were seen through the eyes of supporters in an instant. Ten years ago, if someone asked which two words best describe the style and dress sense of football managers, you’d more likely get answers like “bad taste” than “sartorial elegance”. Ask anyone the same question today and the two words uttered would simply be “Jose Mourinho”.

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