Napoli Fans Who Smashed Up Arsenal Pie Shop Are Disgraceful Cowards

It's one thing going toe-to-toe with a rival firm but smashing up a pie shop full of innocent families is the lowest of the low...
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Napoli Fans Who Smashed Up Arsenal Pie Shop Are Cowardly & A Disgrace To Their Club

Let’s get this straight: most Napoli fans were well behaved, passionate and good natured representatives of their club last night who were so outclassed on the pitch at times it was embarrassing.

A friend of mine had a long pre-match conversation with some of them ranging about everything from Diego Maradona to our newly acquired third choice Italian keeper Viviano on a season long loan from Palermo. They shook hands and wished each other well apart from the 90 minutes. That’s how it should be, fervent supporters following their respective teams.

It’s what being a fan is all about.

What isn’t like being a fan – certainly not for the majority in this country anymore – is indulging in cowardly hooligan behaviour. Is it brave to scare innocent men & women peaceably having a pre-match pie in a busy restaurant close to kick off ahead of a Champions League game?

A friend of mine witnessed the scene as the restaurant was attacked.

Speaking on condition of anonymity he said: “There were about thirty Italians in puffa jackets and quilted coats some with their faces covered with scarves and hoods."

“They were all together when someone blew a whistle and they just ran at Piebury Corner. They turned over the tables outside and put through a window – I think a bloke got cut from the glass, whatever it was he had a cut head that looked quite bad."


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“I couldn’t tell whether they had knives but some had belts out and stuff like that. I was across the Holloway Road watching it in disbelief. The people in Piebury Corner looked very shaken afterwards as the Italians ran off before the police got there.”

I know Piebury Corner.

I was going to pop in there before last night’s game but didn’t have the time. It’s a great place. I know the owners Paul and Nicky. They are a lovely down to earth couple, who spend all hours working their socks off in that place along with the rest of their dedicated staff.

Why on earth would anyone want to smash up a place like that full of decent, innocent football fans enjoying a pre match pie and a pint?

Sometimes you wonder what goes on inside people’s heads to make them commit acts like that.

It certainly wasn’t brave on so many levels – not least because according to the Hooligan code you only fight your own – or so they keep telling us. Well in Piebury Corner there was no-one there to fight – the punters were too busy having a good time enjoying the food, music and atmosphere.

And it certainly wasn’t daring, fearless or valiant – or any other of the phrases hooligans use in their misguided and outdated belief that they are making a point by using violence. It’s not even a pub for heaven’s sake – how much kudos can you get for smashing up a restaurant?

It was a pie shop which, incidentally had happily hosted decent law abiding Napoli fans earlier in the afternoon, as the pre match music playlist of ska played out to a happy audience.

So well done to those 30 so-called Napoli fans – you must be having a right giggle at what you’ve done - while inoffensive, blameless supporters cowed under your pathetic display as you smashed up someone’s livelihood injuring guiltless people.

You must feel so proud.

Bravo. Bellisimo.

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