Never Go Back: Statistic Proves Newcastle Should Ignore Andy Carroll

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The Stat Which Proves Newcastle Should Not Sign Andy Carroll

On the eve of Newcastle's visit to West Ham, the former Hammers' boss and current Magpies manager Alan Pardew, suggested that he would love to re-sign the former Newcastle and current West Ham striker Andy Carroll. Confusing.

It's not just confusing because both manager and player have been involved with the same clubs. There's also the fact that since Newcastle sold the England striker for a small fortune, Carroll has struggled with both fitness and form.

In 83 league games since leaving Newcastle, Carroll has only scored 15 league goals. That's an average of a goal every 5.5 games, which compares to an average of one every 2.5 at Newcastle.

History shows that strikers who return to their old clubs, rarely flourish. If Pardew is really tempted to fork out for Carroll, he should first look at the following statistic which shows ten top strikers who returned to their former teams, only for their goal-per-game average to drop dramatically.



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