North v South: Which Region Is Best At Football?

Will football ever get it's own All-Star games?
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Every city, county and region claims they’re the best at football. But who really would come out on top if each region combined to make a single team?

“It’s not fantasy football”, insisted Brendan Rodgers a couple of weeks ago after fielding a weakened Liverpool team at the Bernabaue. But, what if it was Brendan? What if real football was as simple as fantasy football? And what if each region and its teams were to unite to form one massive-f**k-off-super-club? Man City and United forget their rivalry. Everton and Liverpool united as one. Spurs and Arsenal play together on the same team.

What would happen if each region were to combine and form one team? Well, after spending an unhealthy amount of time on the Fantasy Football Player Performance Index, here are the answers.

North West FC


The North West FC team appears to be the most balanced of the six. With every team, with the exception of Burnley (obvs), contributing at least one player to the starting XI. The defence is built on a stronghold of Evertonians, while the attack offers the perfect blend of all four clubs. However, the appearance of Robin van Persie at second striker shows how the North West is struggling for a decent forward who is capable of matching the capabilities of Sergio Agüero.

North East FC


Rather surprisingly, the North East starting XI features a severe lack of Hull players. Leading up to the start of the season Hull were tipped to do pretty well this season. Bruce made a number of fantastic signings in the form of Hernández, Diamé and Ramírez, and everyone thought their electric attack would serve them well. However, it looks as though their new stars are yet to kick into gear as the North East team is made up of predominantly Newcastle players, with Ahmed Elmohamady being Hull’s only addition.

Midlands FC


A solid squad made up of predominantly West Brom players, the wings and strikers stand out as the most impressive part of this squad. StrugglingAston Villa only have two players in the starting XI - a number even eclipsed by new boys Leicester.

London FC


This team is pretty straightforward. Based on Chelsea’s most successful starting lineup, with a light peppering of other London-based talent. The name of Alexis Sanchez comes as no surprise due to his fantastic form throughout the season, while Aaron Cresswell’s addition highlights Chelsea’s lack of a dominant left-back.

South Coast & Wales FC


This team would give most Premier League squads a run for their money. The fact that Morgan Schneiderlin can’t even make it into the starting XI shows that this squad is packed full of talent and energy. With only two teams making up this starting side, it highlights the qualities of Swansea.

The PPI totals may be slightly biased towards Chelsea due to their current good form, but the top three (London, Northwest and South Coast & Wales) should come as no surprise. The pedigree of players in London is unmatchable, though this could be down to the fact that the Premier League is made up of six London based clubs (and a whole lot of rich owners).

Even so, the Northwest and South Coast & Wales squads both look very strong and would definitely give the Londoners a good go. Who do you think would come out on top in a battle between the sides? Let us know below.


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