Nottingham Forest: What Went Wrong And Where We Go From Here

With a little bit of luck we could've made it through last night, but fear not, we need to build on what has gone and go again come April...
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Whilst I sit and lick my wounds and reflect on a game, that I felt Nottingham Forest could have won, I ask myself whether I should revert back to my pessimistic ways? But in a game where so much of that luck I mentioned didn’t come our way, I realise that it is always better to be optimistic, even when you don’t get the result you so dearly longed for.

On the night I was torn between sitting at home on my lonesome to watch the game, or join my friends in the pub for what could have been a major reason for celebration. I chose the latter and sadly, history repeated itself. It wasn’t to be for the boys in red from the City Ground.

So what went wrong? Well let’s start with what went right. The four changes made from the first leg, including the removal of Nottingham Forest club captain Paul McKenna were a shock and could raise questions about a lack of any leadership in the first half- but we started strong and had an early chance with David McGoldrick hitting the bar after a great counter and pass from Nathan Tyson. We looked fairy strong at the back until the first goal went in. We managed to keep Swansea’s key players quiet for the majority of the game, only to fall short when a lack of sharpness and what could be described as schoolboy error lead the first goal. Like previous games this season, we failed to shake it off and get stuck back into the game, allowing Swansea to score a second only four and half minutes later.

I believe Billy Davies must stay and build on what he has already built, which is a good solid side, capable of beating any team in the league on our day

Billy Davies said before the game that “you need the lady luck, you need those refereeing decisions, and it will all be about on the night, who goes and does job best.” Although I refuse to sit here and blame having no luck for us losing the game – it certainly had a part to play.  After an extremely well taken goal by Robert Earnshaw, he was to be denied by the woodwork only a matter of minutes later. We also had a definite penalty claim (even Neil Warnock said so) dismissed when Ashley Williams used both hands to stop the ball in the area.

I could pick this game apart for hours on end, and whilst Swansea were only really in charge for short bursts at a time, they took they’re chances where they really mattered, which in conclusion sealed the victory for them.

The playoffs are a great spectacle for neutrals -the same cannot be said for the fans of the teams involved. The added pressure can be too much at times, the tension and nerves can take hold, and just when you need lady luck the most, she’s no where to be found. We battled hard, and I’m proud of the team. Going two goals down, it’s great to see your side battle through and give they’re all. At the end of the day, that’s all we can ask.

Nottingham Forest must now build on this season’s performances; use this successive playoff defeat to spur us onto an automatic promotion push next year. I believe Billy Davies must stay and build on what he has already built, which is a good solid side, capable of beating any team in the league on our day. I would like to see him bring in a few wise old heads into the side, as Billy sums it up best when he says, “We can be naive at times”. Overall I am proud of our teams spirited second half performance, it just wasn’t our night.

Congratulations to Swansea I wish them all the best in the final.

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