Now Arsenal Have Welbeck & Sanchez, There's No Excuses For Özil

"Oh but he doesn't have mobile forwards around him," they said. Now we'll find out the truth.
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Now Arsenal Have Welbeck & Sanchez, There's No Excuses For Özil

So here we are again.

The big spending club fronted with limitless funding from a sugar daddy owner, versus the maverick attacking side with an eccentric manager, prone to wild tactical decisions and with a fierce stubborn streak that many see as potentially detrimental. Surely the might of financial doping will crush the lowly attacking minstrels into dust? Surely there is no way, even at home, the lowly yet nimble technicians will not be bulldozed by the power and strength of a modern footballing juggernaut?

Yes, QPR are certainly odds on favourites to beat Man United, that much is certain.
But enough about relegation 6 pointers, I’m here to discuss Arsenal vs. Man City, a match that has recently become some what of an insurmountable challenge for Arsene Wenger’s merry band of men, what with their defensive frailties, excellent close control and ligaments made from Rice Krispies.

After last year’s 12:45pm away day fun time bonanzas, I have to hold fear close to my heart. And yet, at the fear of sounding like every single Arsenal fan before any competitive football is actually played, something seems different this year.

We have Sanchez and Welbeck, two players with genuine pace that can work with stretched games, which against a Pellegrini side it could turn out to be. We have a solid defensive back four that is ultimately unchanged from last year in real terms, such is the similarity between Debuchy and Sagna. We have Özil, who although recently has been acting the footballing equivalent of a teenage My Chemical Romance fan, is still world class. He has never had a striker who genuinely moves behind the back line at Arsenal, and in reality, if he stops listening to Panic! at the Disco long enough to spot Welbeck and Sanchez makes those runs, is the best in the world at finding them. That’s what we bought him for, that’s what he does, and now is his time to show it.

I was at the Ashburton Grove last year when we played Man City in the league return leg of the 6-3 trouncing, and I thought we played dangerously and were more value for money than the 1-1 we got out of it. The crowd were alive and we saw flashes of the early season promise that never materialised. This against a Man City with the title as a carrot and no Champions League, no slouches at all at that stage of the season.

We never quite got the second goal last year, but off the back of that performance I firmly believe that if the Arsenal camp remember to stop going to Techno raves and doing too much Ketamine the night before their early kick offs, we don’t concede an early goal, and the crowd home crowd keep the energy up, we may have a chance to nick it...

Come on the Arsenal!