Now Leeds Fans Must Come Together & Save Massimo Cellino

The Football League needs to look in the mirror before they continue the witch hunt...
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Leeds fans United: Massimo Cellino is the best thing to happen to the club in over a decade, this petition demands that the Football League does not try to remove him as owner and director.

Supporters of Leeds United have been through a very rough time over the last 12 years with an ugly mix of chancers, incompetents, blood-sucking leeches and self aggrandising blowhards in charge.

That deadly dozen Annus horribilis has left the fanbase, one of the most proud, loyal and supportive in the world, dazed and confused with a strong dose of cynicism and mistrust.

Massimo Cellino is unconventional, eccentric and undeniably unique. He bought Leeds United to restore this great club to its rightful place in the Premier League.

We fans have suffered owners with agendas diametrically opposed to ours, driven by avarice, greed and incompetence, at last we have an owner who wants the same as we do.

The history of Cellino's time at Leeds shows that he paid the inflated price demanded by the previous regime, settled a massive amount of debt and invested heavily in the squad.

The result is that Leeds United is in its strongest financial position for over a decade with the most exciting playing squad comprising a powerful mix of mainly young home grown and foreign talent. A new coach has been employed who boasts a trophy-laden track record.

The future looks bright.

The one cloud on the horizon is the constant threats fed via pet media sources that the Football League is looking to exclude Cellino from being our owner and director.

Shaun Harvey himself recently made the following comment: "Ultimately all he has done is brought some financial stability to a situation and signed 15 players." An incredible comment from someone responsible for multiple administrations and incompetence on a stellar level, especially considering that Cellino has done more good in his short tenure than in the previous 12 years of various owners' shenanigans.

All football fans in the country are aware that there are Football League executives and many other clubs in England with owners and directors who are guilty of numerous misdemeanours committed on these shores that deserve much closer scrutiny than Massimo Cellino whose passion for delivering success to Leeds United is transmitted in every action and interview.

We strongly suggest the Football League to look both in the mirror and elsewhere instead of continuing its witch hunt of Leeds United which has a long history, part of which is described here.

Leeds fans are United in our view that we want Massimo Cellino to stay at Leeds United and deliver on the promises he has made to take this great club back to where it belongs and demand that the Football League allows him to do so.

We strongly urge all Leeds fans to sign this petition by clicking the link here.