On This Day: The Greatest Goal In Arsenal History Was Scored Against Liverpool

Step forward Michael Thomas.
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May 26th is a day that'll live on in the memory of Arsenal fans past a certain age. It was on this day in 1989 that Michael Thomas won the league for the Gunners on the last day of the season against Liverpool.

The teams occupied the top two spots of the old first division, but Arsenal needed to win by two clear goals to claim the title. Bearing in mind Liverpool hadn't lost by two or more goals at Anfield in three years, and Arsenal hadn't won there in fifteen, the Daily Mirror weren't being too outlandish when their headline on the morning of matchday declared "You Haven't Got A Prayer, Arsenal". 

But football doesn't always go the way it's supposed to. In a moment even more magical than the famous Man City last-ditch title winner of recent years, Michael Thomas scored in the last minute to make it 2-0, giving Arsenal their ninth First Division title. 

It was a goal that changed football forever.

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