Pay Day Yankee: Back Spurs To Trump Liverpool And PSG To Reach Champions League Final

With Stevie G absent and Spurs buoyed by their Europa League win, bet on Tottenham to beat Liverpool and put your money on PSG each way in Europe.
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The very best gamblers don’t tip. That would only shorten their winning odds.

Instead, here is a steer make your own mind up.

Far more rewarding in every sense.

Liverpool without Gerrard at Spurs on Sunday is an invitation, no matter that Tottenham have just played in the Europa League. Midweek European games at home don’t sap the strength like being on the road, additionally so considering AVB’s rotation of the squad. Plus winning will have boosted Spurs’ morale. Like the Christmas decorations next month, Liverpool will be coming down to their real level in the league over the next few weeks. Odds of 6-4 on a Spurs win are prudent.

If you can face looking beyond Christmas, for racing’s Boxing Day showpiece, the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park, Long Run is double-digit odds. A price of 16-1 for a former winner is hugely attractive, not least as the gelding has the class and importantly heart to ensure that at very least he will take a place.

The Champions League draw next week is going to shape the betting market significantly. Ahead of that a bet on PSG at 16-1 each way to reach the final might be prudent on the basis that only resolvable inconsistency prevents them being considered as potential winners. Of the possibles around those odds PSG are the most likely to prevail and will be shorter by this time next week so long as the draw is not over-cruel.

Last week we hopefully ruled out ever trying our luck again on FOBTs (one-armed bandits in old money) on the grounds that they offer a hopeless return. This week Bet Fred was accused of offering staff a bonus for increased turnover on them, which if true, is further grounds, if any were needed, of giving them a swerve.

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