Pay Day Yankee: Palace, Saints & Mick Channon

The very best gamblers don’t tip. That would only shorten their winning odds. Instead, here is a steer make your own mind up. Far more rewarding in every sense.
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With struggling teams new managers often generate a bounce – before reverting to previous type. Crystal Palace are beginning the positive part of this cycle and amid the chaos at Cardiff would be a decent bet to win at home against them.

Southampton host Manchester City on the same day. A home win would have been a surprise last year but not this season. Yet the odds don’t reflect that at all.

Racing-wise, Saints icon Mick Channon, now a trainer, is in the same sort of form as his old club. For the last fortnight his strike rate is 38% without any sign of this streak ending. At times like this whatever a trainer saddles runs better than the Form Book – and odds – suggest.

If this counsel identifies the best bets of the week, any betting shop FOBT remains the worst. These used to be called One-Armed bandits. Parliament has just voted to maintain the maximum stake as £100 and the maximum winnings at £500. Mug punting doesn’t begin to cover it (and don’t get me started on the lottery).