Pep Vs Tito: The Master & The Apprentice Of Barcelona Go Head To Head

When the mentor takes on the student, it's a battle the would grab the attention of any member of the public, regardless of the sport. However, when it means Barcelona taking on Barcelona in a five-a-side encounter, it's one that will leave the audience captivated at the skills on display.
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You wouldn't be wrong in thinking that nothing is better than seeing two great teams take on each other in an encounter that grasps the world. Well think again - Barcelona, undoubtedly the world's most eye catching team, competing in a Futsal game between one another. The entire first-team did just that in a five-a-side encounter over the summer, dubbed Pep v Tito. With the latter set to replace the former following his decision to step down from his role at the Camp Nou after four years in charge, the Catalan giants agreed to a short game for charity. The result doesn't necessarily matter, but the skills are display will keep you watching over and over, that's for sure.

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