Peter Hooton: "Liverpool Will Finish In The Top Four This Season"

Peter Hooton appeared on The Daily Mirror's football podcast this week to talk about The End Book, why Yorkshireman can't dress properly and why he's quietly confident about Liverpool's prospects this season...
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"If Liverpool finish in the top four this year it will be a great achievement, but I'm quietly confident" says Peter Hooton, Liverpool fan, front man of The Farm and editor of legendary fanzine The End.

"Football is all about money, but anyone is better than the previous owners" he said of Liverpool's turnaround in fortune in the past twelve months, "we were hours away from administration.. points certainly would have been deducted and we could have gone into the championship."

Hooton was speaking to Steve Angelsey on this week's Daily Mirror football podcast, where he discussed Liverpool's potential for this season, his career as singer with The Farm and the release of The End Book, chronicling every issue of the fanzine that he, and a few close friends produced that went on to become nationally renowned.

"I'm pretty proud of the '80s. We were teenagers growing up, and we thought we could take on the Thatcher government, and we nearly did!"

"There was a rebellious spirit in Liverpool at that period" explains Hooton, "What we're going to try and do with The End is reclaim the '80s. Because Liverpool now has got this sanitised image, and they keep condemning the '80s. But I'm pretty proud of the decade. It was a very creative period, out of mass unemployment and hardship that's what you tend to get. We were teenagers growing up, and we thought we could take on the Thatcher government, and we nearly did!"

The success of The End allowed Hooton to mix with some of the biggest stars of the '80s including the The Clash. Joe Strummer even leant him a pair of his sunglasses for a video shoot with The Farm. "We were in the same hotel room as Mick Jones and Joe Strummer when they were agreeing to reform The Clash. Joe Strummer said 'Here, you're doing a video tomorrow, you need some Ray Bans'. I broke them years later, took them to an opticians to get them fixed, and it turned out that they were fakes."

Listen to the whole  Mirror Football Podcast HERE

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