Picture: The England Flag Spurs And Arsenal Fans Will Hate

'Red and White'...
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England fans are lining the streets of Marseille, and one group have a flag that tries to unite bitter rivals Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. It's unlikely that such a message will go down well with the two clubs' respective group of faithfuls.

It's all very good that everyone can put their club allegiances aside for the summer and enjoy watching the national side together, but to actively encourage some warped kind of togetherness is all a bit weird. I'm sure Arsenal fans are already hating the fact they'll probably have to cheer a few Harry Kane goals without having to be told to get all matey with Spurs.

Geographically speaking, the flag is pretty spot on. E5 is pretty much equidistance from the Emirates Stadium and White Hart Lane as you can see in our extensive, detailed research below.

Google Maps

Google Maps

But football isn't about equidistances and technicalities, it's about not having two rival club badges on the same bloody England flag.


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