Picture: What Has The Man Utd Boss Been Smoking?

'What seems to be the officer, problem?'
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Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has been pictured looking like he's stoned out of his mind and it's really, really great.

We know the Dutch master loves a glass of drink, but it's not his wine that's red this time around, it's his eyes. LvG is suffering from a severe case of 'The Stoner Squint' (that's definitely a thing) and the bags under his eyes could carry most peoples' weekly shop.

"You know, man, Rhinos are just really old Unicorns..."

"You know, man, Rhinos are just really old Unicorns..."

LvG literally doesn't know who or what he is in this picture. He's in a slightly blurry world of fuzzy feelings and he's very content. All fans can do is hope Juan Mata is ordering A LOT of pizza.


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