Picture: Why Arsenal Fans Should Be Confident About Benzema

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Arsenal fans should be confident about getting Karim Benzema because of Arsène Wenger's 'transfer smirk'.

Reading facial expressions is a risky business, especially if the person your reading is one of the best transfer window poker players in the game. Despite Wenger's poker-face prowess, the following photo shows stark similarities between his face when asked about Özil in 2013 and his face when asked about Benzema yesterday.


The lips hold the key. No, don't snog your computer screen and expect Benzema to magically appear. Wenger's lips are at an almost identical angle in both photos and it just can't be coincidence (it can). The subtle smirk screams out "I'm going to do a madness and all the world will be in awe at my madness-doing!"

In fact, if you look really closely, you can read exactly what the cheeky Frenchman is up to...

Courtesy of our own Billy Dunmore (@Dunmoreorless)

Courtesy of our own Billy Dunmore (@Dunmoreorless)

If you're not a big believer in the science of reading facial expressions or the Illuminati, then you'll just have to be boring and cynical about it all because *in your mothers voice* "you're the bigger person".


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