Pictures: Arsenal Icon Would Make A Brilliant FIFA President

Gunner be President?
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Sepp Blatter is gone and an Arsenal icon could be the perfect figure to take on the role of FIFA president and restore integrity in a corrupt organisation.

As news broke yesterday that Sepp Blatter was resigning, the celebrations across the world were reminiscent of those seen in Star Wars VI after the Emperor was defeated and all was well in A Galaxy Far Far Away.

However, not all is well in the football world until we have a president who is selfless, strong and popular. Arsenal's mascot Gunnersaurus is all of those things.

Gunnersaurus serves the people and as a result is loved by the people. I mean, the dino led the Arsenal FA Cup parade in his own car, waving to the adoring masses.

Fans see Gunnersaurus as such an icon that they even hold their babies up to him in true presidential campaign style.

It's not just Arsenal fans who like Gunnersaurus. Fans of various different clubs have warmed to the big green mascot, so much so that they've bought replica cuddly toys.

Despite his physical strength (y'know, being a dinosaur and all), Gunnersaurus has political strength. The mascot is mates with some of football's biggest names.

Gunnersaurus, please run for FIFA president.