Piers Morgan: Who The F*** Appointed You The Arsenal Fan Mouthpiece?

Why does Piers Morgan think he has the right to position himself as the spokesperson for all Arsenal fans? I've been going thirty years and I've never seen him around the fans once...
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Piers Morgan: Who The F*** Appointed You The Arsenal Fan Mouthpiece?

Tweet of the night: RT by @REDactiongooners : @piersmorgan How on earth did Ramsey just get given a new 5yr contract? Unbelievable. [January 1 2013]

While we’re on the subject, who the f*** appointed Morgan to be the mouthpiece for Arsenal fans? Piers, I’m not being funny but I’ve had a season ticket for 30 years, been to over 1000 Arsenal games and at least 50 European away games, had a drink at every pub in North London and never f***ing seen you once pre or post match  – so who the f*** are you to to think you can speak for me when it comes being an Arsenal fan?

Aaron Ramsey has battled through the pain of a broken leg, not to mention stick from idiots like yourself – and before you say I bet you gave him stick when he wasn’t playing well – well no I didn’t – because I support my team and every player who represents the red and white on the pitch.

And while we’re at it what’s your opinion of Arsene Wenger? Yes of course we need to strengthen our squad but some of your vitriol towards the man is beyond the pale.

Arsenal fan? Just because you comment on my club from an ocean away whilst avoiding Leveson doesn’t make you a fan son. Here’s one, why don’t you come down the Highbury Barn and have a chat with my friends and myself and tell us why you think Wenger is such a c***, that Aaron Ramsey isn’t worth a contract and exactly how much you pay for a season ticket, then maybe old school fans like myself will listen to your bulls***.

One Aaron Ramsey? Too f***ing right.

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